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Revolutionise the way you invest

Real estate is the reflection of our lifestyles, whether it is our residence, our living space, our working space but also our hangout and recreational places

The proposed real estate projects will meet quality and diversity criteria. A committee charged with selecting the projects and made up of real estate, legal and financial experts will approve the online publication of goods. The real estate projects are innovative, eco-friendly and will mirror the needs of tomorrow’s society and of our lifestyles.

KOALA, the investment that suits you and brings us together

Residential projects

Residential projects

acquisition of a property in order to collect rental incomes and eventually selling it back
Commercial projects

Commercial projects

Building and long-term rental of warehouses, retail spaces, etc.
Prestigious properties

Prestigious properties

Infrastructure projects to be renovated or transformed in partnership between the public and the private sectors
Real estate developments

Real estate developments

building and selling of new properties
Properties to renovate / reallocate

Properties to renovate / reallocate

transformation or refurbishment of an existing property in order to resell it
Eco-socio friendly projects

Eco-socio friendly projects

Projects with low ecological footprint and high social impact projects (eco-neighbourhoods, co-living, etc)

The projects displayed on the platform present financing needs comprised between 250.000 euro and 5.000.000 euro. Depending on their characteristics, they offer an annual remuneration (interest rate) from 3 to 10%. The duration of the investment varies according to the project type : 

Rénovation et réhabilitation Investissement locatif Promotion immobilière
Durée : 18-36 mois Durée : 24-60 mois Durée : 24-60 mois
Acquisition d'immeubles existants, rénovation suivi d'une revente. Acquisition d'immeubles existants générants des revenus locatifs. Acquisition de fonciers, construction et revente de biens neufs.
Renovation and restoration
Duration : 18-36 months
Acquisition of existing buildings, renovation followed by a resale.
Rental investment
Duration : 24-60 months
Acquisition of existing buildings generating rental incomes.
Real estate development
Duration : 24-60 months
Acquisition of land, building and resale of new properties.

Investing with KOALA, how does it work ?

KOALA aims to make real estate investments easily accessible to the general public. This way KOALA wants to help you diversify your sources of income in the long run.

Investing ? A 4-steps process

1.Create your investor’s profile

Once you are on the platform, a real estate project catches your interest. Before investing you have to create your personal area with your investor’s profile. This step is designed to encode your personal data regarding your real estate projects and to define an investor’s profile taking into account your knowledge in this field.

2.Invest in a real estate project

This is it ! You have created your investor’s profile and area on Koala. From now on you can view the different real estate projects displayed on the platform. It is now possible to invest in the projects that you are interested in and to specify the amount of the loan you are willing to grant for each project.

3.Loan confirmation

Once the loan has been formally confirmed on the platform, you will receive a notification from Koala that your loan has been taken into account and that the amount is being processed.


The operation is validated. Your loan has been confirmed. Koala will send you an extract from the bondholders register which is a certificate of registered entry.

Define your investor’s profile based on your needs and requirements in order to discover the real estate projects offered by KOALA that suit you, whether you’re a beginner, knowledgeable investor or a professional
(Family office, pension funds, insurance company, bank, etc.).

Want to invest with KOALA ?