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Turn your project funding around with KOALA

Are you looking for funding ?

Project owners

Are you looking for a real estate funding ?

Koala has been designed for you. Real estate has no secret for us.

Koala has set up a selection committee which :

  • Analyses your proposal in 72h 
  • Validates projects within 10 working days

Projects are then presented to the investors and thus posted online on the crowdlending platform.

Raising funds ? A 7-step process

1. Project proposal

Transmission of the presentation file the real estate project’s presentation file and of the financial documents to Koala.

2. Selection committee

Its mission : submit an opinion (real estate, finance, legal) about the project eligibility.

3. Thorough analysis (due diligence)

The Koala team performs a thorough analysis of the project as well as a risk analysis.

4. Validation committee

Once the project has been validated, Koala and the project owner draw up a formal agreement for the funding offer and the legal arrangement.

5. Online posting of the project on

Online publication of the project and communication on Koala’s crowdlending platform to the members.

6. KOALA Crowdlending

The fundraising for the real estate project continues. The sending of funds to the company is made once the desired amount has been reached.

7. Follow-up and payment

Koala conducts a regular follow-up to inform investors about the smooth progress of the project.

Lever des fonds ? Un processus en 7 étapes

Turn your project funding around with KOALA